"O Allah make this easy for me and make it end well"

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O Allah make this easy for me" free print
Assalamo Alaikum,
In our lives, we all come across hardships sometimes it is small and sometimes it is big it feel as if this tough time is never going to end but when that time is over you feel that oh wow why we were getting so stressed about it the same way when I was planning to start my Etsy it felt like it is the hardest task ever but Alhamdulilah now I feel much better.
As Muslims, we are so blessed that we can put our  trust in Allah tallah when we go through such phases of life because He  promised us that after every hardship there will be ease and He will not burden us more then we can hold so my dear friends put your trust in Allah He will make it easy  for me and you in sha Allah.
there are lots of good changes coming to madihacreates mashAllah as you can see we have our own website and shop I cannot thank Allah tallah for His bounties.
Also, I’m thankful for you guys for your love and support always please continue showing me your support as I always need it.
Don't forget to check my website and leave me suggestions I will really
appreciate it in sha Allah.
A beautiful freebie dua print for you all 
JazakAllah Khair for always supporting me and giving me your love!!
verily with every hardship comes ease
Surah Fatiha English translationAyatulKursi English translation farmhouse style


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