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Creativity has always been a part of me, I started making greeting cards when I was nine!! I used to hang my abstract arts in my balcony in Karachi in the house where I grew up.

 I decided to put my creativity on the back burner during my motherhood period. But the artist in me was always finding time to do little creative projects like personally designed cards and digital prints.

After lots of encouragement from my husband, my kids and my other family members I decided to launch my business in March 2018. I always felt that madihacreates is my fifth child my dream is to see it grow through my passion and love and most of all with you guys support.

Bringing your deen "Islam" and your culture in your home through my products.

Customer satisfaction is my biggest priority and bringing joy in your lives through my high-quality products that you would love to bring in your homes and also will enjoy giving them in sha Allah.



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